Our backup and recovery packages have been developed to be flexible and fit the varying needs of your staff and your various business applications.

Our plans start with a ‘Basic Backup’ package which provides a monitored online backup of critical workstation documents.  These extend through to our comprehensive ‘Disaster Recovery’ package which provides a complete system backup and recovery solution to ensure that in the event of a major disruption, your business can quickly and efficiently get back to a fully operational state with minimal downtime.

It is recommended to use our Backup and Disaster Recovery packages alongside our Device Monitoring and Security, Productivity and Management Plans.

Basic Backup

Suitable for individual users who don’t have or work on high numbers of electronic documents.

$15.00 /mth

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  • Monitored Online Backup of critical workstation files.

Standard Backup

Best suited for office based users or management who create and manage large numbers of electronic documents.

$30.00 /mth

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  • Monitored Online Backup of all workstation files.

Disaster Recovery

Designed for businesses with a high dependency and reliance on a server or locally hosted systems.

$199 /mth

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  • Managed Online Backup of all files, operating system, settings and configurations.
  • Full recovery procedures and system restore solution.

Reduced Risk

Our range of packages are designed with risk in mind – providing options to meet the risk profile of you and your business.


Our solutions are all automated significantly reducing the risk of human error.

Minimal Downtime

Our packages are created with continuity in mind aimed at avoiding costly and frustrating disruptions to your business and your clients.

Backup & DR experts

The ongoing success of any modern business relies very heavily on having access and protecting its electronic assets. And that’s where MyITmanager comes in.

Our Backup & DR experts specialise on designing, implementing and monitoring solutions that best fit the needs of you and your business. We’ll work with you to understand your risks and needs to deliver a solution that works for you.

Plus, with our other support and management services in place, we can guarantee this: you won’t find a partner more willing, more driven, and more capable of minimising the risk of data loss and potential
disruption to your business.

All that’s left for you to do is get on with what you do best: running your business.

Are you at risk?

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