Why do businesses need IT to improve productivity?

Over the last few years we are increasingly using technology to make life easier and more efficient. Predictions are that the use and adoption of technology will continue to increase and at a faster rate than ever before. Therefore it is vital for businesses to keep pace with change.

What do you need to consider?

Are you making use of and getting the most out of the systems you have?

Customers are now not just wanting, but expecting better real time buying experiences. Staff, particularly the younger generation, look for and are attracted to companies that make good use of systems. And in most cases we’re only tapping into a fraction of the functionality of the systems we already have in place. 

How do your systems stack up?

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The business benefits of a robust solution




How myITmanager can help

We can help to empower your people to get the most out of the technology you have available, and identify new opportunities so your business can work as efficiently as possible.

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Office 365 Packages

myITmanager also offers a range of other solutions to improve business Productivity that will:

  • Improve internal communications
  • Automate client interactions
  • Streamline document flows
  • Reduce or automate manual tasks
  • Simplify planning processes

Embracing the age of mobility at your business

With work no longer confined to a physical office space, or limited to traditional business hours, we’ve created an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce capable of working anywhere at anytime.

Although many small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) have fully embraced the mobile world for its countless benefits, it can also be highly risky due to the increased vulnerability to security breaches and data loss.

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COVID- 19 Business Advisory Funding

myITmanager has partnered with ‘The Business Factory’ to offer services that are registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. Small and medium sized businesses may qualify for funding to help pay for advisory services to support them through the Covid-19 outbreak.  The Covid-19 Business Advisory Funding can provide support in a number of areas including business…

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Office 365 Backup

Is your email backed up? Are all your company documents backed up? What would happen if someone accidentally or intentionally deleted all their emails and walked out the door? What would happen if a cyber criminal hacked your system and encrypted all you company files and documents? Why You Need O365 Backup! There’s a common misconception among users that backup…

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5 Tips for Effectively Working from Home

The Harvard Business Review recently released this video with some practical tips on how to work productively while working from home. 1. Give yourself a dedicated workspace A dedicated place that’s away from distraction. It’s extra helpful if you can shut the door. 2. Make a schedule and stick to it Pretend you’re not working…

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