Why is it so important to keep adopting new technology?

Automation, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence may well sound like futuristic concepts. However these concepts are significantly closer than most of us care to think. In reality we are probably experiencing the impact of these technologies without even realising – be it the way we interact online with the bank, online purchases or how those very relevant ads pop up in google?

What do you need to consider?

It’s not a time to be putting your head in the sand and arguing that technology is just getting too difficult to keep pace with. If you do you’ll very quickly be left behind while savvy businesses embrace new opportunities and leave you behind.

Could you make better use of technology?

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What are the business benefits of a robust solution?

What are the possibilities for my business? Where do I start? The benefits of better solutions are endless and range from speeding up service deliver, reducing costs, improving quality and consistency all of which improve business performance and profitability.

Business Insights

Improved Customer Service

Competitive Advantage

How myITmanager can help

We advocate starting with a plan and taking you on a journey to progressively and continually keep pace. We are constantly up-skilling and looking for new technology solutions that we think could fit your future business needs.

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Management Packages

myITmanager also offers a series of other services to help your business realise its potential including:

  • Performance Reporting
  • Future IT Planning & Roadmapping
  • Solution Research & Design
  • 3rd party vendor management
  • Workflow automation

Demystifying the cloud in laymans terms

For many decision makers who aren’t necessarily technology gurus, any mention of the cloud can sometimes set off a “Stranger Danger” alarm.

But considering we are all using the cloud in one way shape or form, such as online banking, it is time to embrace the concept.

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