Empower your team

Business IT decisions should never be made hastily. You first need to ask yourself, what are my IT requirements? It shouldn’t just be about the technology itself, but how it’s going to be used, and who’s going to use it. That’s why it’s important to consider not just your business needs, but also your people needs when selecting IT solutions.

We empower your team to manage your business more efficiently, with lower risk and fewer constraints. myITmanager works with you to understand your needs and develop strong relationships.

We know our clients want to build profitable, well performing businesses and we understand that good technology systems empower them to achieve that. That’s why we proudly offer:


Trust that your systems will work as needed.


Work from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Increased productivity and improved profitability gives you the freedom to achieve the ultimate work-life balance.

Our Approach

By working with myITmanager you will have the confidence your technology risk is minimised, the flexibility for your people to operate anywhere is maximised, and best of all you can increase your organisation’s productivity to free up time and improve financial performance.

We understand businesses and what you find important. That’s why our values are based on:

Responsive and available people

  • We have a dedicated team of people to respond to your urgent requests in a timely manner.
  • We provide on call, on-site services to resolve any IT issues that might cause disruption to your

People where you are

  • We have local staff in Canterbury and Central Otago to service businesses directly in those locations and surrounding areas.
  • Our local team can also draw on the experience and expertise of specialist skills in our other offices and wider network.

Empowering your people

  • We pride ourselves on understanding our clients, their business needs and goals in order to recommend and deliver the best possible solutions
  • We ensure our clients are continually getting the best value out of their technology investment (i.e. not necessarily the latest tech, but the solutions that best meet their needs).
  • We pro-actively keep our clients up with the latest in technology.