Would your IT System pass a WOF

New Zealand vehicles are lawfully required to pass a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) at least once a year to be declared road worthy. What we often don’t appreciate is that this requirement gives experts the opportunity to identify any issues that we can’t see. Because until something does go wrong, we feel pretty safe and confident in our car.

WOF inspectors are able to identify and anticipate problems and give advice on how to alleviate these issues before they cause any serious damage. The act of getting your car tested ultimately keeps you and other motorists safe.

Likewise for IT systems, getting it ‘tested’ by a professional to identify any potential protection breaches can expose issues that regular people can’t see until it’s too late. It’s important not to fall into a false sense of security by forgetting the dangers of not having your safety procedures regularly evaluated and updated by professionals.

Although there isn’t such a thing as an official IT WOF (yet!) it is still common sense that being proactive rather than reactive will help reduce your risk of cyber-attacks, losing files, compromising client information, and ultimately costing the company downtime. Having the attitude of ‘I’ll deal with it if it ever happens’ is like neglecting to take your car in for a WOF – you will have no way to identify and deal with issues before they become destructive.

To find out how secure your IT system is, take the 2 minute test!

Like a car WOF (but without the cost), you’ll receive a detailed IT safety report to see at a glance where your business is most vulnerable.