95% of those who say they don’t use cloud technology are actually already in the cloud!

Small and medium sized businesses hear a lot about the cloud, so why does it still intimidate so many?

The cloud is more or less a sexy buzzword for the Internet… or at least the next evolution of the Internet. Many SMBs don’t even realize that they’re already in the cloud and have been for more than a decade. Anyone that has ever used a hosted email provider such as Gmail or bank online has already had sensitive data stored, accessed and exchanged in the cloud.

Cloud-based email hosting was one of the first and most broadly adopted cloud services used for both personal and professional use. If you’re using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or photo sharing sites like Instagram, you’re already part of the public cloud. Do you shop online or order movies through Netflix? You’re again in the cloud.

This isn’t a dark or ominous cloud hovering over us. It’s fluffy, white and full of possibilities. The benefits of reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and lower per-unit cost are simply too alluring to ignore. Concerns about security are valid but small businesses today are actually exposing themselves to more breach vulnerabilities by not being in the cloud.

Stop Letting Fear And Uncertainty Stunt Business Growth

Our new e-guide strips away the overly complex tech jargon and explains the cloud in a simple easyto-understand way. Learn how:

  • Many SMBs unfamiliar with cloud are already in it, but just don’t know it.
  • The cloud is levelling the playing field for smaller businesses trying to compete with larger enterprises.
  • SMBs in the cloud are improving collaborative efforts, security, and business continuity preparedness.
  • Managed Services and Cloud Monitoring have made migrating to the cloud much easier for SMBs.

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