3 out of 5 workers feel they don’t have to be at the office to get work done. Here’s why they’re right

Embracing the age of mobility & the BYOD Workplace.

With work no longer confined to a physical office space, or limited to traditional business hours, we’ve created an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce capable of working anywhere at anytime.

With or without company approval, employees prefer working from devices they own and are most comfortable with, meaning it’s out with yesterday’s loud, clunky and slow in-office desktop PCs and in with today’s feature-rich, on-the go, employee-owned mobile devices. On average, it has been approximated that businesses gain 9 additional hours of productivity per week when employees use personal devices.

Although many small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) have fully embraced BYOD for its countless benefits, this proliferation of employee-owned devices accessing company databases, files, and
email servers is unprecedented. It is also risky because it increases vulnerability to security breaches and data loss.

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  • 5 Safe BYOD Practices to Ensure a Safe Transition into the Age of Mobility
  • How to Create a Mobile Device Policy
  • What is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution

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